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When your home starts to show signs of aging, it’s time to take action! At Superior Construction Services, our team of skilled home remodeling contractors is here to breathe new life into your residence, restoring it to its former splendor. We cater to a wide array of home remodeling projects, whether it’s making subtle enhancements or embarking on a comprehensive remodeling endeavor from the ground up.

With a wealth of 30+ years of experience in general contracting, residential homeowners can be confident that their remodeling project is in capable hands. We meticulously remodel every room, striving to achieve the ideal ambiance and aesthetics that resonate with your vision.

Don’t let the passage of time dull your home’s charm. Choose us for transformative residential remodeling that revitalizes your living spaces and brings out their inherent beauty.

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Our Services

At Superior Construction Services, we’re ready to assist you with our outstanding residential remodeling solutions to meet all your requirements.

Revamp Your Kitchen

Homeowners use their kitchens daily and often seek ways to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. At Superior Construction Services, we offer solutions that add value to your kitchen without straining your budget. Our top-tier kitchen designs and innovative lighting plans can transform your kitchen into a cherished hangout spot.

Our team of residential remodeling contractors excels in optimizing space and introducing essential kitchen elements, like storage solutions and well-defined work zones for improved organization.

We specialize in home kitchen remodeling, with a focus on countertops that dominate kitchen space, enhancing overall value. We provide a range of countertop installations, including quartz, natural stone, concrete, solid surface, laminate, and butcher block.

Our services encompass various kitchen improvements, such as upgrading backsplashes and sinks, renovating cabinets and appliances, and replacing damaged flooring.

With extensive experience in residential kitchen makeovers across Texas, our remodeling experts can do the same for your home. We collaborate closely with clients to bring your dream kitchen to life. Backed by comprehensive knowledge and the latest tools and techniques, Texan Remodeling Services is your partner in creating a dream kitchen like no other.

The realm of kitchen remodeling holds boundless potential. Our remodeling experts infuse value into your kitchen through impeccable service quality and top-tier products, making us the unrivaled choice for your kitchen transformation.

Enhance Your Space with Professional Flooring Installation


Despite being a part of our daily lives, we often overlook our floors. Cracked or damaged flooring not only diminishes aesthetics but also decreases a home’s value and poses safety risks. At Superior Construction Services, we stand out as a premier home remodeling company committed to offering unparalleled service to homeowners.

Our adept remodeling experts simplify the process for you. Once you enlist our expertise, our technicians conduct a thorough assessment of the room or entire house. This empowers us to present you with tailored remodeling options that align with your requirements and budget.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to floor remodeling. Even if your budget accommodates renovating one room at a time, our flooring experts will navigate the process to ensure your desired outcomes.

Our array of flooring options includes hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, tiles, and more. Simply share a photo of the room in question, and we’ll start the process of identifying the ideal flooring for your needs. Over time, we’ve cultivated strong relationships with leading flooring brands and material suppliers, ensuring the unmatched quality and endurance of your chosen flooring.

What sets us apart from other home remodeling services is that our impact is measured in the contentment of our clients, not in the concrete drying on the floor.

Efficient Demolition Solutions


In the realm of significant home remodeling, be it concrete, structural, or selective demolition, Superior Construction Services offers secure and streamlined demolition solutions. What sets us apart from our counterparts is our approach to each demolition project as a distinct assignment, separate from the subsequent remodeling endeavor.

Unlike treating demolition merely as a precursor to remodeling, we prioritize the careful treatment of your property during the demolition process. We selectively remove the components you no longer require without causing harm to the rest of your property.

We understand that home remodeling entails financial considerations. While some homeowners might consider a DIY approach to remodeling, the necessity for professional demolition and cleanup services remains. Our expertise extends beyond residential homes and rooms – encompassing detached garages, barns, pergolas, decks, patios, and more. Our demolition experts conduct a thorough survey of the property before donning their safety gear and initiating the process.

Backed by our skilled demolition team, we ensure that the demolition and cleanup phase remains distinct from the construction/remodeling phase. This assures our clients an efficient and trouble-free demolition and cleanup experience.

Elevate Your Space with Professional Painting Services


Painting isn’t just a task; it’s a skill that demands a keen eye for detail and a steady hand. We offer residential painting services that allow homeowners to express their unique personal style. At Superior Construction Services, we recognize the challenges of selecting the right color and the right team for a paint job. Hence, we present our team of highly skilled professionals who can tackle a wide range of painting projects and exceed your expectations.

Our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to clients is reflected in our comprehensive home painting services. These include complimentary color consultations provided by our experts, in addition to the expertise of our licensed and insured team.

With us, updating any worn surface becomes effortless. Our range of perfect color options, coupled with years of experience, ensures that your choice of color is nothing short of excellent.

Residential painting extends beyond interior walls to encompass a home’s exterior. As the exterior reflects a homeowner’s personal taste and their dedication to enhancing their community’s aesthetics, investing in the right painting service holds immense value in rejuvenating both the interior and exterior of your home.

Our residential painting services cover a broad spectrum, including cement painting, cabinet painting, siding painting, stucco painting, brick painting, wood painting, and much more. Rest assured, with our expertise, your space will be transformed into a canvas that embodies your vision.

Enhance and Protect Your Home with Expert Siding Installation


The siding or cladding of a residential property serves a pivotal role – safeguarding the structure. Just as the roof and walls shield your home, the siding stands as the initial barrier against the elements. Its significance cannot be understated!

At Superior Construction Services, we are dedicated to delivering uncompromising quality in home remodeling. With years of experience and interactions with numerous siding brands, we’ve curated optimal combinations tailored to your specific requirements.

Our range of residential siding services spans from siding removal to new siding installation, partial replacement, and painting. Each service is meticulously designed to elevate your property’s aesthetics, safety, and value.

Gone are the days of compromising your property’s aesthetics with subpar siding choices. Reach out to us today, and let our siding experts navigate you through the most efficient and cost-effective options, ensuring your home is both aesthetically pleasing and well-protected.